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Call for papers – Colloquium Ludovia 2017

The Ludovia scientific colloquim dedicated to digital objects and practices will be held from Tuesday 22 to Thursday 24 August 2017 in Ax les Thermes (Ariège – France). For its thirteenth edition, the colloquium Ludovia as a place of exchange and reflection continues its questioning in digital in educational and / or ludic practices. Whether in production or in reception, the achievements are synergistic crucibles implying multidisciplinary approaches (arts, Computer science, Learning sciences, Cognitive science, Communication sciences, etc.).


  • The educational world enhances the use of communicative tools starting from kindergarten with crossing goals: bring families, learners and the institution closer, increase students’ participation, etc. Sharing, exchanging, contributing and participating would promote the active pedagogy because of the need for a medium accessible to all. What are the perspectives of these rewarding actions?
  • Video games are played in a network. To play is often to contribute to the construction of the universe of the game, if only by populating it with the animated character of the player. At the same time, the game promotes shared behavior and sociality that can extend beyond the screen. Could the recreational contract be based on sharing, exchange, contributions and participation?
  • Internet and social networks are vectors mobilizing the notions of sharing, exchange, contribution and participation. That would be their raison d’être. However, practices and uses question these values put forward by marketing. The uses are diverse and sometimes digress. It would therefore be useful to question what the framework given by the exchange and contributory approaches can allow, as behavioral and societal adaptations.
  • Cultural and artistic consumption creates the aesthetic experience and attracts the attention of others’. For the artist to weave a link with the receiver of the work, sharing, exchanging, contributing and participating got together. In museums and extra-mural, multi-media devices promote the participation of everyone. Do these proposals for sharing, exchanges and contributions increase the role of the viewers of the paintings?
  • The world of artistic creation sees the author’s place in question in favor of collectives. If the diffusion tends to question the traditional intermediaries, the production also finds new tools of sharing with the fabrication laboratories and a new creative orientation with the culture maker which adds value to the collaboration.

Proposals must be sent by e-mail before 15 March 2017 to ludovia2017@free.fr

Call for papers

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